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30 Day Challenge


We are Looking For 15 People Who Want To Kick Start Their Fitness Routine, Get Stronger, Feel Confident, And Look Their Best this Summer……Are You In?

Join Our 30 Day Beach Body Challenge Today!

Get Strong, Feel Confident and Look Your Best!
30 Day Unlimited Sessions

Attend as many sessions as you’d like in 30 days.

Complete 30 Day Nutrition Guide

This guide will help supercharge your results!

Included Intro Classes

These Intro Classes teach you the basics of CrossFit.

* New members only

Only $49 (Save over 50%)

Ready to transform your body?

Sign up for our 30 day Challenge and let’s do this!

Don’t Put Off Getting Results Anymore…There Is No Better Time Than Now!

The best part about this program is how affordable and risk-free it is for you to test-drive our program. And we get a chance to show you just what we are all about here at CrossFit Junkies!

Our 30 day Jump Start program normally goes for $110. However, you can take advantage of this Special Deal during the month of June for just $49!

You’ll get complete access to CrossFit Junkies Workouts, Our Jump Start nutrition guide and the tools you need to transform your body…for only $49!

Pretty cool right?

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30 Day Challenge

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