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What is Fundamentals?

Fundamentals consists of (3) 1.5 hour classes. During each class we will learn and practice several exercises/movements/skills that we utilize during normal CrossFit workouts. We will discuss how the box works, some of the language that is specific to CrossFit, and do a WOD (Workout of the Day). Each day there will be information to take home to review and some that will prepare you for the next class. Because learning the movements can take some time, we slow the pace down to really learn the technique and safety of each movement. Fundamentals is required for all who are new to the sport of CrossFit. Members must attend all classes in order to move on for your first group WOD. Contact CrossFit Junkies to arrange for a FREE introductory class and to reserve a spot in the next Fundamentals course. Making up a missed class may be arranged by contacting our Junkie Staff at (407-744-6899). The cost to complete Fundamentals is $40 per person.

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