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Nutrition Seminar (ALL classes) small WOD to follow;


How many times have you heard the following quotes🤔:
“Never miss a Monday at the gym!” 🤗
“Monday sets the tone for the week! Don’t skip it!” 😅
“New week, new goals!” 😎
“Learn something new everyday!”🧐

Well, tomorrow, October 1st is NO DIFFERENT!!! You most definitely don’t want to miss it! During all classes your coaches will be hosting a FREE nutrition seminar!🤯 Yup, you saw that correctly! All you have to do is show up to class (like you always do on Monday!), listen carefully to the valuable nutrition information given, apply it to your everyday life (for the rest of your life), and BOOM! 💣New me (and body), who dis? 🤷🏼‍♀️ If you like what you hear and think you’re up for a challenge, then on Tuesday, October 2nd you can sign up for our next, 6 week long Nutrition Challenge and who knows, maybe even WIN!👊🏽 (More info will be given on 9/6!)

Ok, ok, ok!! We know exactly what you’re thinking, and don’t worry! There WILL BE A WORKOUT AFTER THE SEMINAR! #noexcuses 😉

Did we mention free, delicious, healthy food? Oh, we didn’t? 😳Well, there will be that too! 😍 Thanks to the ever so talented @_delishme_ 💕 (If you don’t know who that is then do yourself a favor and COME TO THE GYM NEXT MONDAY!!)

Have we made our point yet? Here’s the rundown:
1. Free nutrition seminar during all classes!
2. WOD after. TBA!
3. Free @_delishme_ food for all evening classes after you workout!!
4. It’s basically a party, and you don’t want to be a party pooper, do you? 😏

Don’t waste another Monday going through the motions! Make next Monday the day you set out to change your nutrition and crush some goals while you’re at it! 💪🏽 #ownyoureating #doyouevenmacrobro #surroundyourselfwithsuccess #learnsomethingnew #knowledgebombswillbedropped

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