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Reminder: Marc Pro in the building tomorrow for all classes!
Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus are unique electrical stimulation devices that are able to provide substantial recovery and pain relief benefits. These are not TENS devices; which are intended to mask pain while connected. These are not traditional muscle stimulators; which use harsh and fatiguing muscle contractions to tone or re-educate muscle. A 30-60 minute session with Marc Pro is easy, comfortable, and is often done while you’re relaxing on the couch reading or watching television. A Marc Pro session uses proprietary and patented technology to create non-fatiguing muscle contractions that flush out waste and deliver nourishment to the area. This is the foundation of recovery, conditioning, and lasting pain relief.

WOD (Skill Work for ALL classes)
EMOM for 15 minutes:
Min 1: DUB practice or attempts for 30-45sec
Min 2: Muscle-up or Bar Muscle-up or C2B or Pull-up Practice
Min 3: 5-10 reps of Wall Ball Shots (working on perfect mechanics=Butt Back & Down, weight in heals, knees out, chest up, full depth, hitting the same target every time

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