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CrossFit & Barbell Club

Tag Team Tuesday (Teams of 2)
SWOD (Strength)
As a Co-ed team work up to a total LOAD (co-ed team with the most weight lifted wins / all sets & reps will be add together for total, so your 5 rep deadlift is just as important as your 1 rep deadlift)

After Burn (5 RFT/12 min cap):
Suicide Sprints (Sprint to cone one @10m, then back to start line, then sprint to cone two @20m, then back to start line and so on.. space between cones will be 10 meters (5 cones total). HINT: Teammate ONE can sprint to first cone, then tag teammate TWO and they can sprint to second cone and so on…

25 “Synchronized” AB Mat Sit-ups (FOR ALL)

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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